Xear™ Sonic

Increase the bass reproduction capability of small speaker drivers by applying psychoacoustic techniques. Magnifies the natural bass information in the audio signal and re-enforces low-end reproduction with little distortions on voice integrity or details.
Restore the clarity and details of compressed audio in music, movies and games (MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, etc.). Data compression algorithms remove audio information. It might result in flat, thin, and lifeless sound. Audio restoration recreates the nuances and subtleties of the original Performance.
Increases clarity, intelligibility, and prominence of receiving voice in VOIP, game, music, or movies without suppressing or changing other audio. Allows users to adjust clarity level and even be able to separate voice and other audio for different volume adjustment on one output device (e.g. headphone). 
Voice Clarity is particularly useful when the audio level is low, such as when watching video late at night, when the listening environment is particularly noisy or when playing games with mixed team conversation.
Normalize sound levels of music, TV video, Internet AV clips, and movies to reduce the frequencies required for volume adjustments on Televisions, Docking Speakers, PCs and other consumer products. Attenuate and prevent large signals from clipping and raise small signals to the level user wants. The adaptive process should minimize the SPL gap between On/ Off and change volume very smoothly without causing listener’s discomfort (fade-in/out)