Xear™ Living 1.1

Our Xear™ Living technology gives the digital speaker playback quality a new standard. By virtually shifting the speakers into right places, managing the frequency signal to optima level, each speaker using this technology reaches to the highest sound quality level. (5.1 or 7.1 compatible)
7.1 Virtual Speaker Shifter

The 7.1 Virtual Speaker Shifter has the following major features: 
1) Expanding/upmixing audio to 7.1-channel surround sound 
2) Virtualizing 7.1 surround sound over any set of speakers 
3) Shiftable virtual speaker positioning allows you to adjust the best sound
field easily without moving physical speakers and wires

FlexBass, an advanced bass management and enhancement mechanism, allows you to select each satellite speaker’s type for optimal sound performance from the speakers. (Small: common speaker that cannot produce low frequencies; 
Large: wide-band speakers that can produce low frequencies well). It comes with an adjustable crossover frequency for the boundary of the bass signals. 
FlexBass II will filter out the bass signals from small speaker channels and implement gain feature for bass signals.
There are 27 global environment effects including bathroom, concert hall, under water, music pub, etc. environment effects can be used to create realistic listening experiences that imitate different environments. Environment Size can be customized to Small, Medium and Large
10-band software equalizer with 12 preset modes is provided. The full audio band is divided into 10 different frequency bands. Equalizer typically will adjust the energy levels of the audio data in one or more different frequency bands in order to change the characteristics of the audio data.
Smart Volume Normalization™ (SVN) automatically keeps all music or video/TV audio output at a constant level to reduce manual adjustment hassles inherent with sound sources of different loudness. It allows you to listen to various contents, like MP3, TV program, DVD video and even games with consistent sound level. The following graph shows how different signals 1 & 2 will become the same level (for example, 10dB below full scale) after you turn on SVN. Please note that for lower volume music 2, it will become louder when you turn on SVN; and for higher volume music 1, it will become quieter.