The USB interface is the most popular interface on PCs. The USB Audio Device Class Specification (USB ADC) originated in 1998, and the latest version is now V4.0. The Audio Device Class Definition applies to all devices or functions embedded in composite devices that are used to manipulate audio, voice, and sound-related functionality. This includes both audio data and the functionality used to directly manipulate audio signals, such as gain and tone control.

Cmedia offers a variety of USB Audio Codecs. We have UAC1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, along with different audio channels, performances, interfaces and more.
  • USB2.0 HD Microphone
  • USB2.0 HD Headset / Headphone
  • USB2.0 HD Multi-Media Speaker
  • USB2.0 HD Sound Stations
  • USB2.0 Laptop Docking Stations 
  • USB2.0 Hi-Fi Audio DAC/ HP Amplifier
  • USB2.0 Pro-Audio Equipments/Recording Devices
Part# Description
CM6637 USB2.0 High-Speed 8+2+2 Output and 8+2+2 Input
CM6530N Low-power USB audio controller with embedded MCU / I2S /SPDIF I/O / Flash / Tri-Color LED driver for mobile accessory
CM6212 USB 2.0 high speed audio controller with 7.1 I2S out / 2 I2S in / HDA controller+ embedded Flash
CM6635 USB2.0 High-Speed 2-Out / 2-In I2S audio controller + embedded Flash (32bit/768KHz+DSD)