Cmedia USB2.0 controllers are the world’s first true USB2.0 High-Speed audio processors that can support the latest USB Audio Device Class Definition V2.0 and high-definition audio processing, with capabilities of up to 192KHz/ 32bit. The solution provides the industrial standard HDA or I2S I/O interface, as well as integrates SPDIF and MIDI I/O. Furthermore, it has an embedded 8051 microprocessor that can enhance the best flexibility and functionality with external upgradeable Flash codes. Our turnkey solutions include audio class 2.0 compliant Windows & Mac drivers and firmware. It provides the most powerful audio core for high-fidelity true USB2.0 audio products such as USB microphone, headset, DAC, HP amplifier, audio station, recording console, etc.
  • USB2.0 HD Microphone
  • USB2.0 HD Headset / Headphone
  • USB2.0 HD Multi-Media Speaker
  • USB2.0 HD Sound Stations
  • USB2.0 Laptop Docking Stations 
  • USB2.0 Hi-Fi Audio DAC/ HP Amplifier
  • USB2.0 Pro-Audio Equipments/Recording Devices
Part# Description
CM6212 USB 2.0 high speed audio controller with 7.1 I2S out / 2 I2S in / HDA controller+ embedded Flash
CM6635 USB2.0 High-Speed 2-Out / 2-In I2S audio controller + embedded Flash (32bit/768KHz+DSD)
CM6642 USB2.0 high-speed audio single chip supports combo-jack swap, google button detection, 192KHz/24bit, optional digital ANC