Cmedia’s CM6400X1 is a highly integrated USB gaming audio single chip with Xear™ Gaming Audio driver optimized for PC gaming headset solutions. CM6400X1 integrates 5-band hardware digital equalizer (EQ) processing unit with up-to-4 presets to fit different applications or improve headphone SPL characteristics. Treble and Bass adjustments can also be enabled with EEPROM configuration. Embedded Mic Auto-Gain-Control (AGC) and clipping protection functions could automatically adjust variant input scale to prevent large signal clipping. With outstanding SNR/THD, the audio performance overtakes WHQL standard. In addition, CM6400X1 comes with software audio DSP including Xear™ Surround Headphone, Xear™ Sonic and Xear™ VoClear Noise Cancellation technologies. Customizable UI for the software driver is user friendly and could empower and differentiate your product ideas at your own will.

USB Compliance

  • USB spec. 2.0 full-speed compatible and USB-IF certification
  • USB audio device class spec. 1.0 compliant
  • USB HID device class spec. 1.1 compliant


  • Supports control, interrupt and isochroous data transfers
  • USB suspend/resume support
  • Embedded USB transceiver and power-on reset circuit
  • Single 12MHz Crystal Input with On-chip PLL
  • Supports USB audio control endpoint, isochroous out endpoint, isochroous in endpoint, and interrupt in endpoint
  • Serial 24C02 EEPROM programming interface supported for customizing VID/PID/Product String/ Manufacture String/Serial Number/Volume Range/Initial Volume/HID_Disable/EQ/AGC and other configuration
  • Integrates 5-Band Hardware Equalizer with up-to-4 preset modes  (00_Default/Generic, 10_MMORPG , 01_Racing/Fight, 11_FPS/Sport) selectable by 2 HW control pins and the gain value of each band could be customized by EEPROM parameters (center frequency and bandwidth could also be changed when using one EQ preset mode)
  • Treble and Bass controls are accessible from Windows system audio control panel (Enabled by EEPROM)
  • Built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for microphone recording (Enabled by EEPROM)
  • Playback Soft-Mute / Zero-Cross function
  • MCU / EEPROM / GPIO control via HID / Vender command interface (MCU read/write support 16 bytes data transfer bandwidth)
  • Supports up to 7 GPIO pins (Programmable by the software driver)
  • Embedded Power-On-Reset Block
  • USB Bus-Power mode with High-power (500mA) and Low-power (100mA, default) mode options by external selection pin
  • Single 5V power supply with embedded 5V-to-4.5V and 5V-to-3.3V regulators

Audio I/O

  • 2-channel DAC output with 16-ohms headphone amplifier (supports 16-bit resolution and 48KHz, 44.1KHz, 32KHz, 22.05KHz, 16KHz, 11.025KHz, 8KHz sampling rates; note only 48K & 44.1KHz are available when EQ function is enabled, or software driver is installed.)
  • 2-channel ADC input (supports 16-bit resolution and 48KHz, 44.1KHz, 32KHz, 22.05KHz, 16KHz, 11.025KHz, and 8KHz sampling rates; note only 48K & 44.1KHz are available when EQ function is enabled, or software driver is installed.
  • Supports stereo mic inputs with independent voltage bias pins and analog mixer (monitoring) function
  • Supports ADC DC offset cancellation high-pass-filter
  • Supports optional digital S/PDIF output (up to 48KHz/16bit) compatible with AES/EBU IEC-60958 spec. (default on, but not reported in USB audio descriptor)
  • Wide Mic-In ADC gain range from -12dB to +45dB for microphone pre-amp (default reported range is 0dB ~ +45dB, initial value= +20dB, with software driver installed)
  • DAC gain range 0 dB ~ -40dB (initial= -9dB)
  • Wide analog mixer gain range -30dB ~ +32dB (default range is -10dB ~ +22dB, initial value= -10dB, HW muted by default, with software driver installed). Analog mixer could be enabled/disabled by pin #41 MIXER_EN.
  • Configurable USB audio topology to Headset/Speaker/Microphone modes by EEPROM
  • Adaptive synchronization mode for microphone-only mode

Control Interface

  • Featured with Microsoft® HID controls including Vol_Up / Vol_Dn / Playback_Mute / Record_Mute / Play_Pause / Stop / Previous / Next hot-key buttons (enabled by default), and can also be programmed to function as Vol_Up / Vol_Dn / Playback_Mute / Record_Mute / Surround LED Indicator / ENC LED Indicator / Surround On & Off / ENC On & Off, when CM6400X1 software driver is installed
  • Optional analog DC VR volume control pin with internal ADC potentiometer
  • I2C master/slave mode control interface
  • Supports 6 LED indicator control pins: Operation status/ Playback_Mute /Recording_Mute (enabled by default) / Mic Clipping-Detection (enabled by EEPROM) / Surround LED Indicator (enabled by software driver) / ENC LED Indicator (enabled by software driver)

Software Functions

  • Xear™ Surround Headphone with 5.1 Channels Virtual Surround Effects
  • Xear™ Sonic:
    -Audio Brilliant: compensates the details and clarity of compressed audio data.
    -Dynamic Bass: increases the bass reproduction capability of headphone
    -Smart Volume: Normalizes sound levels of different audio contents
    -Voice Clarity: Improves clarity of received voice from VoIP application
  • Software UI Control Interfaces to Hardware Treble/Bass
  • Xear™ Magic Voice to mimic Cartoon / Monster / Male / Female voices
  • Xear™ VoClear ENC dual omni-mic close-talk voice capturing technology for supreme performance to enhance speech clarity in noisy environments


  • Industrial standard small footprint LQFP-48 7x7x1.4mm green package
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