CM6327A is a highly integrated single chip USB audio solution which comprises more USB audio controller and applications. According to coming more experiences in PC USB Audio peripheral from Vendors’ recommend, Cmedia aggressively design one single chip to let vendors to come more integration products, and increase more revenues.


CM6327A contains high performance mono ADC, and have verious interface like I2C, allowing all kinds of microprocessor or DSP to communicate. Especially in advanced VOIP applications. CM6327A could give you low noise and high quality speech input solution, thus, when it comes to conference or public speech, it would be wonderful choice for you.

Also, CM6327A integrates all essential analog, 1CH ADC, PLL, regulator, USB transceiver, with external EEPROM to customize your own product string, PID and VID , 8/11/16/22/32/44.1/48KHz sampling rate and high quality 16-bit resolution and friendly general purpose inputs and outputs(GPIO) connect the CM6327A to peripheral hardware, like LED, keypads and buttons, there are many features could be programmable with external EEPROM and MCU. External MCU/EEPROM could be easily controlled via HID software interface. 2 LED indicator pins supported provide more flexible behavior with device on / off / operation / recording mute / and controllable flash time.


  • USB specification 2.0 Full speed compatible and USB IF certification
  • USB audio device class specification 1.0 and USB HID class specification 1.1 compliant
  • Support control, interrupt and isochroous data transfers
  • USB suspend/resume and remote wake-up supported
  • Embedded USB transceiver and power-on reset circuit
  • Single 12MHz Crystal Input with On-chip PLL
  • High-power (500mA) and Low-power (100mA) mode options supported
  • Support series number string for operation system detect
  • Serial EEPROM programming interface supports customized VID/PID/Product string/ Manufacture string for device name changed and configuration
  • EEPROM interface support 24C02 data format
  • Mono ADC Input
    1. ADC sampling rate 8K / 11.025K / 16K / 22.05K / 32K / 44.1K / 48K Hz, 16-bit resolution
    2. Dynamic Range: 96db, THD+N: -89~96db
    3. Digital Linear Microphone Gain Control function (-16db~45db)
    4. 1.0 Vrms input swing biased at 2.25V
  • Support Microsoft HID functions
  • Support I2C (Master/Slave) control interface for external controller used
  • I2C MCU read/write support 16 bytes data transfer bandwidth
  • I2C interface support extra interrupt pin (INT)
  • MCU / EEPROM / GPIO control via HID / Vender command interface
  • USB audio topology has 1 Input Terminals, 1 Output Terminals, 1 Selector Unit, and 1 Feature Unit
  • Support 2 LED indicator pins:
    1. On / Off / Operation
    2. Recording mute
  • Support 8 GPIO and 3GPI Pins
  • Isochronous transfer uses Adaptive Mode with Internal PLL for Synchronization
  • Embedded Power-On-Reset Block
  • Single 5V power supply with embedded 5V to 3.3V regulator
  • Industry standard LQFP-48 Pin package