Cmedia is the worldwide leader in providing USB audio peripheral applications such as USB headsets, handsets, microphones, speakers, and sound stations. With the convenience of USB plug-and-play compatibility, customers can rapidly create ease-of-use, high-quality, and portable USB audio products based on Cmedia’s highly integrated single chip solutions. To easily differentiate your products and add more value, we also provide the optional Cmedia Xear™ Windows drivers, which support a complete range of premium features including Dolby and DTS sound technologies. Empowered with mixed-signal audio codec, signal processing expertise, software development experience, and widespread quality branding recognition, Cmedia supplies versatile choices of USB1.1 (USB2.0 full-speed compatible) audio solutions to compliment whichever type of device you want to design.

CM102A+/S+USB audio DAC with Class-AB speaker amp
CM108BCrystal-less USB audio codec with I2S I/O and Xear driver
CM118BCrystal-less USB audio codec with stereo inputs / outputs and I2S out
CM119B/BNEntry-level crystal-less USB audio codec with I2C/GPIOs
CM6206USB 7.1CH audio codec with Xear driver
CM6206-LXUSB 5.1CH audio codec with Xear driver
CM6317AUSB stereo ADC with stereo Mic-In
CM6327AUSB mono ADC with mono Mic-In
CM6400USB audio codec with output HW EQ and Mic AGC
CM6530NLow-power USB audio controller with embedded MCU / I2S /SPDIF I/O / Flash / Tri-Color LED driver for mobile accessory
CM6533(N)USB audio codec with MCU, EQ, AGC, embedded crystal, flash and tri-color LED
CM6533X1CM6533 + Xear Surround Headphone driver
CM6535CM6533Line-In/I2S/SPDIF I/O/ more GPIOs (external 12MHz crystal)
HS-100BEntry-level crystal-less USB audio codec
  • USB Gaming/Console Headset
  • USB VoIP Headset
  • USB Dongle / Audio Box
  • USB Notebook / Tablet Docking Station
  • USB Microphone / Recording Device
  • USB Speaker / Speaker Phone
  • USB DAC / Headphone Amplifier
  • iDevice / Android Mobile Sound Station