CM6300 is a highly integrated single chip for USB audio dongle or audio box application. With less external components, it can be used for building an USB audio dongle, USB audio box solution or USB Headset easily. CM6300 doesn’t need any proprietary driver for audio playback or recording and all of audio functions are supported by major OS. As well as CM6300 provides a truly plug-and-play features for external digital audio playback.


CM6300 contains embedded 2ch output with DRC managements. The Dynamic Range Control function can support high efficiency volume output and implement loudness sound effect, which is similar D class amplifier capability. Moreover, CM6300 supports USB standard HID Interface which provide Volume_up / Volume_dn / Play_mute Butoms and 3 LED indicator pins: On / Off / Operation / playback mute / recording mute / and controllable flash time (with PWM Functions)

Furthermore, the manufacturer string, product string, serial number, product ID, vendor ID, and initial playback and recording volumes can all be customized by an external EEPROM. More flexible and customized design is doable with GPIO pins, which are designed by different USB vendor’s requests.

  • USB spec. 2.0 Full speed compatible and USB IF certification
  • USB audio device class spec. 1.0 and USB HID class spec. 1.1 compliant
  • Support control, interruption and isochroous data transfers
  • Support USB suspend/resume and remote wake-up features
  • Embedded USB transceiver and power-on reset circuit
  • Single 12MHz Crystal Input with On-chip PLL
  • Support High-power (500mA) and Low-power (100mA) mode options
  • Support series number string (16 Bytes) for operation system detection
  • Serial EEPROM programming interface supports customized VID/PID/Product string/Manufacture string for device name changed and configuration Supporting EEPROM interface 24C02 data format
  • For Mixer disable mode, USB Audio Function Topology has 2 input Terminals, 2 Output Terminals, one Mixer Unit, one Selector Unit and 2 Feature Units.
  • 2 CH DAC output
    • DAC sampling rate from 8KHz, 16KHz, 44.1KHz to 48KHz with 16-bit resolution
    • Dynamic Range 95dB, THD+N -85dB ~ -91dB (Vista Premium certification)
    • Earphone buffer driving for output
    • 1.2 Vrms biased at 2.25V output swing
  • 2 CH ADC Input
    • ADC sampling rate from 8KHz, 16KHz, 44.1KHz to 48KHz with 16-bit resolution
    • Dynamic Range 88db, THD+N -79dB ~ -84dB
    • Digital Linear Microphone Gain Control function (-6dB~33dB)
  • Vrms biased at 2.25V input swing Supported Stereo Mixer function
  • Playback with soft-mute function
  • Microsoft HID Volume control with Volume_Up, Volume_Dn, Playback_Mute and Record_Mute
  • Support I2C control interface for external controller controls
  • MCU read/write supports 8 bytes data transfer bandwidth
  • I2C interface support master / slave mode and with extra Interrupt Output pin
  • Support one Control Endpoint, one Isochronous out Endpoint, one Isochronous in Endpoint, and one Interrupt in Endpoint
  • Support 3 LED indicator pins:
    1. On / Off / Operation
    2. Playback mute
    3. Recording mute
  • Support 4 GPIO pins
  • Isochronous transfer uses Adaptive Mode with Internal PLL for Synchronization
  • Embedded Power-On-Reset Block
  • Single 5V power supply with embedded 5V to 3.3V regulator
  • Industry standard LQFP-48 Pin package