CM6120S series is a highly integrated single chip for USB speaker application with 2-Channel Class-D output. Minimum external components are needed for building an USB speaker system, which makes CM6120S a simple and very cost-effective solution. Since no driver is necessary for audio playback on all major OS. CM6120S provides a truly plug-and-play feature for external digital audio playback.


For energy saving, USB suspend mode and resume is supported by CM6120S. This new single chip not only support 44.1KHz and 48KHz sampling rate playback but also with X2 modulation for hi-frequency quality. Better yet, simplify anti-pop noise solution was embedded on chip for general pop noise issues. All of the functions have been approved by USB IF certification program. This one chip solution not only embedded USB transceiver but also integrated digital control power amplifier function for USB digital sound application.

CM6120S support USB standard HID interface which provide Volume_up / Volume_dn / Play_mute / buttons for pure digital volume and media play control. CM6120S also provide EEPROM (24c02) connection interface for customers to define vendor specific VID / PID / Manufacture String / Product String / default volume setting, and even special hardware configuration.

  • USB 2.0 Full speed compatible and USB IF certification
  • USB audio device class specification v1.0 compatible
  • USB bus powered 500mA, with no need for external power supply
  • High performance 16-Bit stereo, 44.1 / 48 KHz sampling rate for audio playback
  • High efficiency high performance 1W x 2-CH Class D amplifier, differential output with no pop-noise
  • Embedded Power-On-Reset block
  • Embedded 5V to 3.3V regulator for single 5V external power supply
  • Self power / Bus power selectable (by EEPROM)
  • Single 12MHz crystal input with embedded PLL
  • Isochronous transfer using adaptive synchronization with internal PLL
  • External 24c02 EEPROM interface for vendor specific VID / PID / Manufacture string / Product string / and Hardware configuration (volume for DAC / Line-in AA, etc.)
  • EEPROM Read / Write function via vendor command or HID command
  • USB HID digital volume control input for Volume_up / Volume_dn / Play_mute buttons and remote wakeup with HID buttons
  • Playback with soft-mute function
  • Digital volume boost function
  • Integration circuits quality meet Vista Hardware Logo requirement
  • 3.3V IO with 5V tolerance.
  • Compact 28 pin TSOP package in CM6120S