CM7100 is a powerful 310MHz audio DSP with low power consumption. CM7100 DSP supports Cmedia Xear™ Surround Headphone, Dynamic Bass and parametric 10 bands equalizer for gaming solutions. It integrates 768KByte internal memory, I2C, SPI and 4-pair 24bit/8kHz~192kHz I2S digital I/O interface. It also integrates high-quality audio codec for audio playback and recording. CM7100 is a high performance and low power consumption for gaming applications.


  • Integrates 310MHz DSP and 768K Byte internal memory
  • Digital asynchronous sampling rate converter (ASRC) function
  • Support Sidetone generator
  • Parametric 10 bands equalizer (EQ) for playback path
  • Support JTAG debug interface
  • Integrates Internal PLL for clock input

Audio I/O

  • 3-channel DAC outputs (Up to 192KHz sampling rates)
  • 2-channel ADC inputs (Up to 192KHz sampling rates)
  • Two I2S/PCM/TDM digital interface (Up to 192KHz)
  • Two I2S/PCM digital interface (Up to 192KHz)
  • 3 stereo digital microphone interface

Control Interfaces

  • I2C master/slave mode control interface
  • SPI control interface (Up to 28MHz clock rate)
  • 3 GPIO pins


  • Industrial standard small footprint LQFP-80 green package

*More detail information for Dolby® and DTS® functions, please contact with C-Media sales.

Please contact Cmedia sales for more detail information.