CM7001 is an enhanced and versatile voice and audio processor SoC, which is empowered by Cmedia Xear™ sound technologies. For voice communication applications, CM7001 provides Xear™ VoClear close-talk environmental noise cancellation (ENC), far-talk smart voice capture (SVC), Voice Brilliant (HD Voice), AEC, Long Distance Recording (LDR), and Magic Voice for uplink voice sending; it also features Smart Receiver, Noise Reduction, and Voice Brilliant for downlink voice receiving. It could fulfill most communication and voice recognition demands on mobile phones, tablets, headsets, speakerphones, Smart TV’s webcam or the remotes, etc. For audio playback applications, CM7001 provides advanced Xear™ Surround Headphone, Sound Expander, and Sonic technologies, which could dramatically enhance the audio experience of mobile phones, tablets, headsets, docking stations and boom boxes. CM7001 is a tiny but powerful voice and audio engine for various applications.