The modern smartphones, tablets and other portable devices are becoming harder and harder to differentiate from each other. Persuing only homogeneous HW specification will lead to more rigorous cost and price competition among products. An emergent winning strategy is to add more sensible factors and features to really touch consumers’ hearts and satisfy those hidden demands which are not fulfilled or even discovered. Better communication, voice recognition, and audio experience are the greenfield areas that need a seamless, integrated, much better solution to bring customers really touching user experience.

Cmedia is going after this market trend and is committed to help product makers to realize the innovation in these areas by providing the core technologies and component for next generation voice and audio integration solution. Cmedia developed a series of  Xear™ sound technologies on DSP, not only for voice processing, but also for audio enhancement. Customers could utilize one chip for equipping versatile and high value-added voice and audio feature sets.

CM6571USB audio codec with DSP for audio and voice processing
CM7001/CM7001NENC / AEC for Peripheral
CM7100Ultra-low-power, 101dB DSP audio codec with 8CH I2S I/O/6CH DMIC input, bundled with Xear Surround Headphone, Parametric with EQ technologies
CM7104Ultra-low-power, 101dB DSP audio codec with 4CH I2S I/O/4CH DMIC input, bundle with Xear Surround Headphone, Parametric EQ technologies
CM7120Ultra-low-power dual core DSP with 5-channel audio codec (up-to-120dB HP Amp) and 10 channel I2S in/out, 8ch TDM, bundled with Xear Audio/Voice Processing Effects
  • Smart phones
  • Mobile featured phones
  • DECT/PSTN/VOIP phones
  • Bluetooth headsets
  • USB headsets/handsets
  • Battery-powered headset/wireless headsets
  • Speaker Phone
  • Array Mic
  • Docking with sound effect