Job Title Name Education / Career Background Current Job
President Eric Cheng

Master of Electrical Engineering Department, China Institute of Technology

Account manager of Intron Technology Ltd.

President (23rd) of Council for Industrial and Commercial Development

President and CEO of C-Media Electronics Ltd.

Director of C-Media Holdings Limited (BVI)

President of Good Music Multimedia International Ltd.

President of Richhold Investment Ltd.

President of Much-in Corporation

Director of HIM International Music Inc.

Director of HIM international SDN. BHD (Malaysia)

Director of JMicron Technology Corporation

Director I-Kuang, Chien

Master of Electrical Engineering department, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan

RD manager of Intron Technology Ltd.

VP and COO of C-Media Electronics, Ltd.
Director Nick Yang

Master of Industrial Economics department, Tamkang University

Primasia Investment Trust Co., Ltd. Fund Manager

Widerview Securities Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Investment Manager

VP and CFO of C-Media Electronics, Ltd.

Director of Good Music Multimedia International Ltd.(Cayman)

Director Hung-Wei Venture Capital Co., Ltd.    
Director (Representative,Hung-Wei Venture Capital Co., Ltd.) Lin, Lung-Wei EMBA, National Chengchi University VP of Computer Peripherals Business Group of Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
Independent Director Wang, Jhing-Fa

Ph.D. of Stevens Institute of Technology, U.S.A.

M.S. of National Cheng Kung University, R.O.C.

Chairman of Computer Center of N.C.K.U.

Director of Institute of Information Engineering N.C.K.U.

IEEE Fellow

President of Tajen University

Dean, College of Engineering, N.C.K.U.

Independent Director Liu, Li-Kuo

Master of Science, State University of New York at Stony Brook

President of JMicron Technology Corporation

President and CEO of JMicron Technology Corporation

President of JMicron International (SAMOA) Ltd.

Director of M31 Technology Corporation

President of Kai Ku Tek  Corporation

Independent Director Shun-Pin ,Shieh


Manager of Management Department, Neng Tyi Precision Industrial Corp.

Spokesman and Investor Relations Manager, JP Nelson Holdings (Cayman)
Source:'104 Annual Report