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Carlos Roldán
2021/05/21 06:11

hi, i have a 7.1 headset and i want to download the latest version of the c-media, where i can find it?

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CM-Eric Chang
2021/05/26 14:09

The driver we provide to our customers are different, please contact the brand company to get the right driver.


2021/06/02 15:34

I have a 7.1 USB sound card and it shouldnt be this hard to locate a driver install online.  I have lost the disk provided with the product and no way am I paying for a replacement. Its 2021, and this type of software should be available to download at will. I now have to use my soundcard as a paper weight until the tiny disk reappears. Ridiculous

CM-Eric Chang
2021/06/10 17:04

Hi Sir,

Thanks for your suggestion. The driver which we already provided to our customers who made this USB sound card, please contact the brand company to get the right driver.

Jason Chappel
2021/06/16 19:13

I have a feeling you're inquiring about the Vantec USB External Sound DAC? In which case you would find the driver on the vantecusa.com website.

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