Cmedia Xear Surround Headphone Technology Demo-Music Mode

CM- Yvonne T
2021/04/15 11:59
This video is going to show the comparison between 3D Surround ON and OF in music mode. Please experience our demo video with your regular stereo headphones. 

Make the stereo music more surrounding and vivid just as coming from the live show. Hear your music on the headphones more naturally for a longer time and do not have brain fatigue any more.

Xear™ Surround Headphone creates a realistic 5.1/7.1CH surround sound field over stereo headphones. Combined with 3D sound processing in games, gamers could enjoy amazing 3D gaming sound experience and combat advantages. It also delivers more natural, spatial sound stage for stereo music just as real as playback from speakers for longer listening on headphones without fatigue.

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Really Roger
2021/04/27 14:28

Like this video!

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