About USB Audio

CM- Yvonne T
2021/04/09 11:02
USB Audio is a mature and standard digital audio interface for the major consumer products to transfer Music and Sound. The PC/NB with Windows, Mac, Linux operating system, Mobile phone with Android and iOS. They all support USB Audio.

Even with the Gaming Console, PS4/PS5, Xbox 360/One, Switch, the USB Audio works as well. So, the USB Audio almost becomes the major peripheral audio interface. USB Audio has its standard spec. Now, the latest release standard is UAC 3.0 which is focus on Type C and power saving device. The major USB Audio Products on the market, for example USB Headset, USB Microphone, Docking, they are UAC1.0 and UAC 2.0. It is because UAC1.0 and UAC2.0 with the best compatibility for all the existing platforms.

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