• Extreme high audio quality (up to 117dB SNR)
  • Abundant SW features to enhance your product value
    • Dolby options
    • DTS Connect (DTS Interactive / DTS Neo:PC)
    • Environment Surround Sound, EQ
    • Individual channel volume control
    • Cmedia Xear Plus option to enhance sound effect
  • Cmedia Xear living room entertainment option for gaming and Home Theater
  • Cmedia Xear Voice entertainment option to enhance sound effect
  • Realistic 3D surround sound experience for gaming
  • More audio I/O Interface (S/PDIF, MIDI)
  • Up to 192K/24bit multichannel Blu-ray disc playback capability
  • Exclusive Single Chip solutions save your BOM cost and PCB space
  • Upgrade your PC sound quality to Hi-Fi level
  • Multichannel single chip easier design for entry level cards
  • Mature high quality sound card reference design speeds up your products' time to market
  • Complete testing tool available for fast mass production
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 driver ready
  • Complete turnkey driver support saves development cost
  • Increase your profit margin per dollar cost