Title Patent Number
Method and apparatus adaptable to a standard game port of a personal computer for interfacing an external hsp modem, a joystick and a midi interface

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US 6434634

Sigma-delta codec system

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Control system for digital sound effect and the method of the same

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Architecture for two-channel sound effect hardware to output four-channel analog signal and the method of the same

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System for headphone-like rear channel speaker and the method of the same

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US 6990210

US 7050596

Means for compensating rear sound effect

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Self-balanced active current bridge for measuring the impedance of an external device

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Structure for detecting plug/unplug status of phone-jacks by single bit generated by a resistor network

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System of multi-channel shared resistor-string digital-to-analog converters and method of the same

TW I228011

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US 6870494

Method for adjusting sound field

TW I265746

Method and apparatus for repelling pest

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Detecting apparatus and method by computer sound effect system

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Audio scheme for computer system

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Detecting device for detecting condition of an apparatus and detecting method

TW I240077

Apparatus for reading/writing storage device

TW I238360

A method for driving i/o device of storage element

TW I296114

Analog-to-digital converter

TW I237446

Game apparatus for providing well-coordinated images and sounds

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Voltage detection type overcurrent protection device for class-D amplifier

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Externally-Connected Audio Apparatus and Method for Processing Audio Signal thereof

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CN 101763237

Apparatus of combined online music player and chip card reader

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Automatic-execution signal processing method and apparatus performing the method

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System for personalizing on-line entertainment content preferences

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Audio signal transmission apparatus avoiding noise generation and method thereof

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Method of automatic gain modulation and apparatus implementing the same

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Method gain modulation in white noise stage and apparatus applying the method

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System, method and apparatus with environmental noise cancellation

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Voltage amplitude limiting circuit of full differential circuit

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Clock rate controller and method thereof and electronic device thereof

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Common mode noise cancellation circuit for unbalanced signals

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Virtual signal source generating apparatus and method thereof

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Auto-determining sampling frequency method and device therefor

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Electronic device and control method thereof

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Headphone with active noise cancelling and auto-calibration method thereof

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Reference frequency calibration module and apparatus using the same

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Method, system for self-tuning active noise cancellation and headset apparatus

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Calibration system for active noise cancellation and speaker apparatus TW I609363
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Microphone TW D186215
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Microphone with knob-controlled sound effects TW M553541
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Active noise cancellation system TWI648731
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Voice apparatus and dual-microphone voice system with noise cancellation TW I639154
US 10083707