World firsts for Cmedia include-


The First single-chip USB audio controller with integrated power amplifier for driving speakers directly

The First software implementation of Dolby’s real time 5.1 channel encoder - Dolby Digital Live

The First driver-level implementations of Dolby Headphone and Dolby Virtual Speaker

The First PC implementation of Dolby Pro Logic IIx technology for 7.1 channel surround

The First PC implementations of DTS connect for 7.1 channel surround

The First wireless transmission of Dolby Digital Live 5.1 audio over standard 802.11 networks

Date Title
1991 Cmedia established
1993-1997 Developed 8-Bit and 16-Bit Audio Chip digital controller
Joined the Technology Project held by Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.,
Bounded for CRL Laboratory in London, HRTF 3D Audio Technology
Transferred/developed the 1st 3D Sound IC in Taiwan
1998 Launched the 4CH PCI Audio Chip - CMI8738 with 56K software modem integrated, which is the world’s first integrated Audio IC that modem、4-CH Digital/Analog converter and SPDIF
1999-2000 Launched the world’s first 6-CH PCI Audio Single Chip, yearly selling quantity is around 10 million pcs
2004 Developed the world’s 1st HD Audio IC and have the co-alliance with Realtek
Cmedia co-collaborated with world’s leading chip supplier –Intel and Digital Audio Technology leading company – Dolby to launch New era home theater main stream audio solution
2006-2007 Cmedia invested in IPEER Group: coordinating with Kuro, ezPeer+ and HIM, thus enhancing the move to the digital music market of Great China together
Cmedia and ASUS collaborated to launch the world’s most high-end sound card specification– Xonar Sound Card
2008 Cmedia received the honor of CG6004, Corporate Governance Certificate by TCGA
Cmedia collaborated with Intel to launch the children’s computer – Kuro Kids
2009 Cmedia won the CG6005 Corporate Governance Assessment System Certification by Taiwan Corporate Governance Association
Cmedia received ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification
2010 Three “Always” Policies
- Always deliver quality product on time
- Always meet commitments to customers
- Always do the right thing and do the thing right
2014 D&B D-U-N-S registered member since: 2014/10/29
- DUNS number: 656373982
2017 NAMM membership registered since: 2017/11/10
- NAMM number ID#: 000010487837