Environmental Policy

C-Media is committed to continuously improve environmental performance and efficiency within its products worldwide. We make significant efforts to fulfill this social responsibility by ensuring compliance to international regulations, set high standards in working environments, and ensure all products meet green requirements. We strive sustainably to reduce environmental pollution and better management of waste, water and energy consumption. Our environmental quality assurance is further strengthened by following:

  • Implementation of Green Product Design
  • Selection of suppliers that meet Green Product requirements
  • Pollution prevention, resources recovery and energy conservation
  • Continuous monitoring of Green Product Management

Environment Management Implementation Organization ChartPresident

Environmental Protection Performance

  • All outsourcing manufacturing IC of C-media have been in full compliance with EU RoHS criteria ((RoHS) 2011/65/EU) at the end of 2005
  • Sony Green Partner Certificate (No.: INZ 5076)
  • Reviewed by “ IT, electronics, electrical industry publicly traded company in response to RoHS status review meetings” PS: Held by Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs and Financial Supervisory Commission Securities and Futures Bureau on 2005/12/26.